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Cotter Pin Joints

Cotter Pin Joints

The traditional joint used in teddy bear making. Available in packs of 10, 50 or 100 joints....

From £1.40
Joint Discs 6mm - 35mm

Joint Discs 6mm - 35mm5

Available in packs of 100 discs just chose the size required....

From £3.50
Cotter Pins

Cotter Pins

All three sizes of cotter pin are available separately....

From £2.50
Medium Topaz English Glass Eyes

Medium Topaz English Glass Eyes

Medium topaz glass eyes with a black pupil, available in sizes from 4mm - 20mm. English glass eyes are simply the best. ...

From £1.35
Black English Glass Eyes

Black English Glass Eyes

The traditional black teddy bear glass eyes, available in sizes from 2mm - 22mm. English glass eyes are simply the best. ...

From £1.10
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Sewing Box
Marking Pens

Marking Pens

We often get asked what to use to mark out so here they are. These are the pens we use. Black for any lighter fabric and for black and very dark brown we like to use the gel pens white or silver. We added the gold too as sometimes we like to use those for writing cards!

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Gold Gel Pen

Gold Gel Pen

Use this pen alongside the colour to blend and lift colours....