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Shorter Piles for Smaller Bears
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Cotter Pin Joints

Cotter Pin Joints

The traditional joint used in teddy bear making. Available in packs of 10, 50 or 100 joints....

From £1.40
Joint Discs 6mm - 35mm

Joint Discs 6mm - 35mm5

Available in packs of 100 discs just chose the size required....

From £3.50
Cotter Pins

Cotter Pins

All three sizes of cotter pin are available separately....

From £2.50
Medium Topaz English Glass Eyes

Medium Topaz English Glass Eyes

Medium topaz glass eyes with a black pupil, available in sizes from 4mm - 20mm. English glass eyes are simply the best. ...

From £1.35
Black English Glass Eyes

Black English Glass Eyes

The traditional black teddy bear glass eyes, available in sizes from 2mm - 22mm. English glass eyes are simply the best. ...

From £1.10
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Schulte Mohair
Very Long Mohair

Very Long Mohair

Our longest pile mohairs can be found here.

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Very Long Wavy Lilac Mohair

Very Long Wavy Lilac Mohair

A very long wavy pile mohair for those longer bruins. ...

 From £45.00