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Glass Eyes
English Glass Eyes
Blue English Glass Eyes

Blue English Glass Eyes

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The Narrow Loop

These English glass eyes are simply the best, these are blue with a black pupil. More consistent in size and shape with their special narrow loop! Choose from 4mm - 16mm sold as single pairs or in packs of 5 pairs.

All glass eyes are hand made and therefore just like in nature there may be slight variation in size. We cannot therefore guarantee exact matches although we will always match single pairs as best we can!




The Narrow Loop Explained

1. The narrow loop is a needle shaped clip is made from stainless steel (no rusting problems)

2. Round wire has been flattened to create a narrow loop through which the securing thread is attached .This makes as small as possible profile to the clip creating no damage to the weave when the eye is fitted to the bear head. Don’t pass a needle through the loop just the thread, then thread your needle.

3. The end of the clip onto which the eye is to be made has a small ball. This makes the eye very secure and under normal use, the clip should not pull out of the eye.

NB The strong wire is not designed to be bent or squeezed together, this may cause a hairline fracture within the glass which could cause the eye to break on use

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