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Cotter Pin, Nut & Bolt Joints
Cotter Pin Joints
Cotter Pin Joints

Cotter Pin Joints

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Imperial Equivalents

The traditional joint for making bears.

A bear will usually require five joints.
A pack of 10 joints will be enough for two bears.
A pack of 50 joints will be enough for ten bears .
A pack of 100 joints will be enough for twenty bears.

Each joint from sizes 6mm - 10mm consist of two fibreboard discs and one pin.

12mm and 15mm joints consist of two fibreboard discs, two washers and one pin.

18mm joints and above consist of two hardboard discs, two washers and a pin.

We also now have two thinner versions of the 15mm and 18mm joints ideal for smaller bears particularly in the arms where there is less room for joint discs. The thinner 15mm uses our small pin and the 18mm uses our shorter medium pin.

3/8 inch = 10mm
1/2 inch = 12mm
5/8 inch = 15mm
3/4 inch = 18mm
7/8 inch = 21mm
1 inch = 25mm
1 1/4 inch = 30mm
1 3/8 inch = 35mm
1 1/2 inch = 38mm
1 3/4/inch = 45mm
2 inch = 50mm
2 1/4 inch = 57mm
2 1/2 inch = 64mm
3 inch = 75mm
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