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Joint Discs 6mm - 35mm

Joint Discs 6mm - 35mm

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All discs are sold in bags of 100 discs of one size. 

6mm - 15mm are all fibreboard discs. 18mm are now available as either fibreboard or hardboard. 21mm and above are all hardboard.

6mm - 12mm discs require the small size cotter pins.

* The new 15mm thin fibreboard discs are the same thickness of board used for our smaller joints and also require the small cotter pin. We have added this size to the range of joint sizes as requested by artists making smaller bears who wanted to reduce the thickness of joint in the limbs.

All discs from 15mm fibreboard upwards have an M3 hole which is suitable for the medium size cotter pins or M3 nuts and bolts.

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5 stars 18mm Fibreboard Discs Written by

I have always needed a slightly larger disc than 15mm without going into Hardboard discs, so the new 18mm Fibreboard discs are just great! Ideal for the smaller bear maker like me.

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