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George Pattern

George Pattern5

George has been designed by Sue Schoen of Bocs Teganu. In desperate need of a loving home and a hug, he measures 15" (40cms)....

Impi Pattern

Impi Pattern5

Impi has been designed by Janet Changfoot of Changle Bears. One of our most popular bearswho is 14" (34cm) when standing....

Bart Pattern

Bart Pattern5

Designed by Thistleberry Bears, Bart measures approximately 9" (24cms). A lovely little bear in a traditional style....

Baffin Pattern

Baffin Pattern

Baffin was designed by Dawn Slaughter of Dawn Dusk and Midnight. A 14" (36cm) bruin who loves to wear different coats!...

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Sewing Box
Marking Pens

Marking Pens

We often get asked what to use to mark out so here they are. These are the pens we use. Black for any lighter fabric and for black and very dark brown we like to use the gel pens white or silver. We added the gold too as sometimes we like to use those for writing cards!

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Gold Gel Pen

Gold Gel Pen

Use this pen alongside the colour to blend and lift colours....