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Nut Driver & Spanner Set

Nut Driver & Spanner Set

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We sell two sizes of nuts and bolts and therefore the two correct sizes of tools.Each set consists of the correct size spanner and nut driver.

Set 1  is for the M3 size nuts and bolts which are used with all joints from 15mm - 35mm.

Set 2 is for the M5 nuts and bolts which are used with joints from 38mm upwards.

To use the tools place the spanner over the head of the bolt in the arm or leg and then use the nut driver to spin the nut up the bolt shaft inside the body or leg. Placing the joint discs in the same way as you would for cotter pin joints. You can then proceed to stuff the arms and legs.

For the head joint we recommend a hot glue gun or araldite to glue the bolt to the washer to the disc. The joint can then be placed into the stuffed head and then attached to the body, the glue should hold the bolt still in order that you may tighten up the joint (please note this isn't a foolproof method but is the method that I use). Alternatively you could just use a cotter pin for the head joint.

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