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Steel Shot

Steel Shot

From £4.75

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Each steel ball is approximately 3mm in diameter. The steel is now sourced clean with a copper coating a process which is more environmentally friendly than zinc coating.

Available in 700g bags or 5kg tubs.

Steel shot is not suitable for use in children's toys.

5 Average Rating 5/5 (3 reviews)
5 stars Filling with pellets Written by

I  like to use shot in my bears and so was looking at prices, thought this very expensive. As pellet fillings should be put into a fabric bag before filling your bear I am surprised that one review commented about dirty marks on bears from other makes.

Hi Shelly,

Thank you for your feedback. The steel shot we sell has a zinc coating which means that it won't leave marks and no risk of rusting. Cheaper shot often has a graphite coating (think pencils!) which is why it can leave dirty marks. In very small bears a fabric bag to contain the shot isn't always practical, it isn't essential to use a bag just some people prefer to keep the shot or plastic pellets contained.

5 stars Perfect! Written by

Your steel shot is the best I've ever tried! Penny x

5 stars Lovely for little bears Written by
I like to give my 4 - 6 inch bears a weighty feel and this steel shot is ideal. It is clean so doesn't leave dirty marks on the fabric or once they have been filled create dirty marks on handling which has happened with some other shot I have used. I now buy the 5kg tubs as it saves on the postage and I can make lots of my favourites!

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