All Schulte fabric is approximately 140cms wide.

All Schulte fabric is approximately 140cms wide. As a rough guide a fat quarter metre piece will make a bear up to approx 15" - 16", depending upon the pattern or two 10" bears with a bit left over. 

In order to prevent wastage and to maximise pattern placement we cut fabric in the following way:

  • A fat eighth of a metre piece for a limited selection of shorter piles: 50cms x 35cms
  • A fat quarter of a metre piece : 50cm x 70cm
  • A half metre piece: 50cm x 140cm
  • One metre piece : 100cm x 140cm

Fabric Cutting Diagram

We all make mistakes so please buy enough fabric to ensure you will have a bit spare if something goes wrong! We have over 400 fabrics at any one time and some fabrics disappear very quickly! I can't always find that extra bit for a missing leg or head gusset!! Especially if you bought the fabric 5 years ago, it does happen and although I do my best I can't always perform a miracle.

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